Materials List- 4 Day Botanical Dyeing & Screen Printing


·         Please scour all fabrics


·         For silk/wool : 1-2% vinegar, bring slowly to simmering point, simmer for 30 minutes,let cool down slowly.

·         For cotton/linen: 1 table spoon of soda ash per gallon of water, boil during 1 hour. 


1 Yd Cellulose Fiber (for samples)

1 Yd Protein Fiber (for samples)

Assorted Scarves- Silk/ Linen/ Viscose (Not too large for class size, larger scarves can be used for project) Suggested 3-6

You may pre-mordant some cellulose fiber with Alum Acetate beforehand if you wish- if you plan to use the alternative mordants in class (Copper/ Potassium Titanyl Oxalate/ Symplocos; please bring un-mordanted as this is part of class instruction and we have ordered these for your use.


Thin poly sheeting- from Home Depot (drop cloth from paint dept. 1 mil)

Carrier Cloth Fabric (old sheeting, lace, textured, spun-lace, cheesecloth)

Flat Stencils

Heat Resistant Hose (from plumbing Dept.) width of fabric or scarves (can make a HD trip for those traveling)

From Pro-Chem: Order Wash-fast Acid Dye Samplers in your choice of color- these come with 6 small color samples and run $10.95 each- I have some in studio but maybe not to your color preferences


There will be a $50 Material fee due to Studio

Ordered materials Include:

Alum, Ferrous Sulphate, Potassium Titanyl Oxalate, Copper, Soda Ash, Citric Acid, Cream of Tarter, Print Paste Thickener, Cellulose Scour, Tara Powder, Symplocos,Tannin Extract, Myroblan, Vinegar, Indigo, Cochineal Bugs, Ground Madder Root, Pomegranate, Quebracho Rojo, Logwood, Assorted Acid Dye Samples)