Student material list


Scissors, needles, thread ( regular, heavy, and rayon), ball or cone of string, masking tape, measuring tape, seam ripper, rubber gloves, dust mask, 2”-  3” C clamps,

Blocks of wood in square, triangle, rectangle, circle or other shapes,  Blocks should not be longer than 6 “ and no thicker than 3/4”

We will use all natural fibers: bring silk, cotton, linen, wool, etc. for samples and scarves.  Ana Lisa will bring a limited amount of fabric. 

We will be sharing the indigo bath between 12 people, so please do not bring bulky clothing to dye. 

If you are driving you may bring PVC plumbing pipe for arashi.  At least 36” in length and 2”, 3”, and 4” diameter is recommended.

If you have a sewing machine and are driving, please bring it along. ( there will be 3 in the studio)

Also bring a notebook and examples or pictures of your own work to share with the class.

Fabric:  This is always difficult to assess what people will need. Students should bring a variety of weights and weaves of natural fabrics to create a great sample notebook.

Each student should have several yards EACH of medium weight cotton, a silk such as silk nail, a sheer fabric such as organza or batiste. Then they should have some fabrics to experiment with... wool is good, some linen, silk charmeuse is suggested...or a fabric that they particularly like to work with.  Even small pieces of 8" x 11" are good as samples.

Scarves are good...sizes can range from 8' x 60" to 14" x 72".  They can include about 3 in their packing.  A light weight silk or gauzy cotton works well.  I will bring two scarf lengths as part of the material fee plus some samples pieces.  I will bring 2 each as part of the material fee paid to me.  I am bringing silk/wool scarves from Dharma which work wonderfully with the sewing machine Katano.  Each student will get a 14" x 72" scarf and a sheer silk scarf for about $15 material fee (paid to Ana Lisa)

I ask the students not to bring bulky T-shirts or tights to use in the indigo bath.... maybe on the last day we could dip an article of clothing.  Before that it exhausts the bath, which must be shared with 12 students.

I do suggest they pre-wash fabrics...particularly cellulose.  If they have a PH neutral soap such as synthrapol that is best. The washing machine is fine.


There will also be a studio materials fee: this will be $35/ per student

This will include: natural indigo, henna, lime, pre-reduced indigo, soda ash, thiox,fructose,tannin (oak gaul or other kind)

madder, pomegranate, and possibly other natural dyes

alum, iron mordant, citric acid, vinegar, neutral soap