catherine O'Leary materials List for Students

-          4 metres prefelt ,doesn’t have to be just one colour. Available from outback fibres

-          or Fibre fusion askus@fibrefusion.com.au

-         2 litre clean plastic bottle with 10 holes drilled in the lid or small watering can

-          I packet of clear painters dropsheet thin plastic

-          3 metres x1.5 bubble wrap plastic

-          I swimming pool noodle width of bubble plastic or PVC plumbing pipe

-          I narrow rod width of broom handle, 1.5 metres long approx.

-          I narrow rod 50 cm long

-          3 metres either or both black and white or coloured silk gauze, 3.5 momme weight available from silk merchants, eg. Dharma trading

-          A range of small half metre lengths of loosely woven fine natural fabrics such as silk chiffon and georgette. Cotton gauze. Viscose (old scarves and clothing to be cut up). No polyester or acetate. Patterns and plain fabrics are both useful.

-          Small amount of knitting yarn or threads.

-          Needle, pins and thread

-          Sharp scissors

-          4 old towels

Biodegradable dishwashing detergent

-          Paper or plastic to cut out patterns