3 Day Medium Print: Creating Colored Backgrounds

3 Day Medium Print: Creating Colored Backgrounds

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3 Day Medium Printing: Creating Colored Backgrounds

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Suzanne Connors

  • March 14-16, 2018


Medium Printing is the next step once you have learned how to do Contact Printing.

This method combines botanical printing and resists dyeing by adding the use of natural or acid dyes to create beautiful background color and texture.

The main objective is that your prints will have a background color that is obtained using a carrier cloth. (Think: Iron blanket) The carrier cloth can be solid or textured and this releases the dyes when the fabric is bundled.

We will explore the use of using thickened mordants and discharge on the leaves to create rich images.

I have been told that my prints on Indigo have a 3D Magical look.  There will be an Indigo vat available for your use. We will also have a variety of natural dye extracts.

Days 1 and 2 will be spent creating sample sized fabrics or scarves less than 14” wide using different print techniques. For this class, we will be using mostly protein fibers. All fibers MUST be scoured before the start of class. Pre-mordanting would also be helpful as this must be done prior to starting to print

The very 1st thing we will be doing is mordanting fiber.

The 3rd day will be spent working on individual projects, clothing items you have bought and even pieces of yardage. I will show you my technique of rolling large pieces of fabric and bundling clothing.

This class is for all levels.

Class fee: $360

Materials fee: $40 payable at class

You may register for this class by securing your space with a deposit of $100 ( see workshop registration terms )  Balance due 45 days before class.


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