Design Garments and Textiles with Botanical Print and Natural Dyes

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Design Garments and Textiles with Botanical Print and Natural Dyes

from 620.00

4/16-23/2018: Design Garments and Textiles with Botanical Prints and Natural Dyes

from 760.00

April 16-23, 2018: One space available in this class

An 8 Day Intensive Dye and Sewing Workshop

Design garments and textile with botanical print and natural dyes: a collaboration with Irit Dulman ( textile artist) and Shahaf Shriki ( Designer, dressmaker)

In this workshop, you will create a garment from your eco printed fabrics.

The workshop will be divided into two parts.

In the botanical print part, You are going to learn several techniques of botanical print and natural dyes and you will make samples with various leaves and different dyes.  We will analyze your sample and identify where is the potential and then you will take it to a higher stage by making more samples focusing on your chosen design. You will practice the techniques, your layout, your composition on the fabrics. A special attention will be given to the design aspect of the work.

In the sewing part of the workshop, you are going to learn how to create an inspiration board that will lead you to your desired design of a garment than basic pattern making and how to sew a muslin and eventually the garment itself.

When your samples of the dyed fabrics will be defined and your kind of garment also than you are going to apply this design on bigger fabrics that afterward will be cut and sew into a beautiful dress, skirt, top, etc...

The class is for students at all levels in botanical printing and sewing skills.

The botanical print and the making of the garments will be on cellulose fabrics.

Students will be required to bring some materials and basic sewing supplies from home, but for this class, we will supply a pre-mordanted fiber kit, including blanket materials.

 If possible, please bring your own sewing machine/serger ( studio will also have machines and sergers but you may need to wait your turn)

CLASS FEE: $1420 pp

MATERIALS FEES: Mordants, dyes and sewing Supplies: $165 pp                  (includes:Indigo/Madder Extract/ Weld Extract/Logwood Extract/ Cochineal Extract/ Mordants & Auxillaries)

CLASS SAMPLE FABRIC FEES: $168 pp                                                          (includes a selection of fabrics selected by Irit for you to sample, from these fabrics you will select your final garment selection: enough for 21 scarf sized samples)

GARMENT FABRICS : $160.00 Includes (2) 5 yard / m  selections, from these samples you will select 1 piece for your final garment


  • ALL FABRIC FEES are due BEFORE Jan 10, 2018: HILCO JERSEY is being ordered from Germany and these orders will be placed ON JANUARY 15, 2018- Fabric orders are non-refundable. If you drop class, we will ship fabrics to you (USPS $18.85) after class completion- We will refund fabrics if another student purchases your bundle.
  • MATERIALS To bring from home ( available soon)


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