Coming workshops 2017-2018


The Aya Fiber Studio is pleased to invite national and internationally acclaimed artists to the studio to give lectures, workshops and critiques for a wide range of fiber studio practices and techniques. These visits will provide studio students direct interaction with the artist and cumulate with a "public" lecture on their work: ( for these workshops you can reserve your space with a deposit- click link for more info, list subject to be added to)

SFMQG Event Saturday Oct. 7, 2017 Shibori/ Indigo for Quilters

Jean Gauger              Dec 19,  2017      Nuno Felted Journal

Jean Gauger              Jan 30-31, 2017  Nuno Felted Scarflette/ Shawlette

Irit Dulman           Returning Summer 2018    Botannical Print w Natural Dyes   

Suzanne Connors     Sept 11-13, 2017  Creating Colored Backgrounds in Eco Print

Olga Kazanskaya     POSTPONED  2 Day Nuno Felt with Natural Dye

Jean Gauger             Oct 17-20, 2017 4 Day Nuno Felt Poncho

Jean Gauger    Feb 12-16, 2017           Wooly Locks Nuno Felted Jacket

Susan Lenz                     Oct 25-26, 2017 "HOT" An Exploration in Contemporary Fiber Arts

Muffy Clark-Gill       November 7-9, 2017       3 Day Batik Techniques

Esterita Austin        November 11- 13, 2017     Luminescent Painted Illusions

John Marshall    December 9-11, 2017      Traditions of working in Japanese Indigo

JiYoung Chung       December 15-17, 2017 Joom Chi and Beyond

Kerr Grabowski   Jan 8-12, 2018  Deconstructed Screen Print

Lisa Binkley                     Jan 15-17, 2018  Art of Stitching Beads on Cloth

Donna Brown   Jan 23-26, 2018  Create Fabrics using Earth Pigments, Lake Pigments and Myan Blue

Ana Lisa Hedstrom     Feb 19-23,2017                                     Shibori with Indigo, Madder and Pomegranate

Christine Mauersberger  March 6-8  The Intuitive Stitch

Christine Mauersberger  March 10-11 Expressive Art: painting and Doodling

Jane Callender    March 19-23, 2018 Callishibori

Catharine Ellis        March 27-30, 2018 Natural Dye Study

Carol Soderlund             April 9-11, 2018 True Colors

Carol Soderlund              April 12, 2018 Swiftly Colored Silk

Ann Johnston  Feb 2019

Nicola Brown Fall 2018

Catherine O'Leary October 2018

Gladys Paulus

Natalya Brashovetska Nov 2018

Katia Mokeyeva

Adrienne Gaskell: Kuminihimo/ June 2019