Coming workshops 2017-2018


The Aya Fiber Studio is pleased to invite national and internationally acclaimed artists to the studio to give lectures, workshops and critiques for a wide range of fiber studio practices and techniques. These visits will provide studio students direct interaction with the artist and cumulate with a "public" lecture on their work: ( for these workshops you can reserve your space with a deposit- click link for more info, list subject to be added to)


Intro to Indigo: Monthly Workshops

Various Surface Design Techniques: Monthly

Suzanne Connors     Dec 5-7, 2017  Creating Colored Backgrounds in Eco Print

John Marshall  Dec 9-11, 2017      Traditions of working in Japanese Indigo

JiYoung Chung       Dec 15-17, 2017 Joom Chi and Beyond

Jean Gauger              Dec 19,  2017      Nuno Felted Journal

Kerr Grabowski   Jan 8-12, 2018  Deconstructed Screen Print

Lisa Binkley             Jan 15-17, 2018  Art of Stitching Beads on Cloth

Donna Brown   Jan 23-26, 2018  Create Fabrics using Earth Pigments, Lake Pigments and Myan Blue

Jean Gauger              Jan 30-31, 2017  Nuno Felted Scarflette/ Shawlette

 Sculpting with Fabric     POWERTEX)     Feb 3, 2018

Feb 5-12, 2018  Drepung Gomang Monastery Monks will be at FishHouse Art Center

Jean Gauger             Feb 12-15, 2018  4 Day Nuno Felt Poncho

Ana Lisa Hedstrom     Feb 19-23,2017                                     Shibori with Indigo, Madder and Pomegranate

Olga Kazanskaya  Feb 25-28, 2018 Botanical Dyeing and Screen Print

Jan Wutkowski   March 2-3, 2018  Dyeing to Make Spring Hats     

Christine Mauersberger  March 6-8  The Intuitive Stitch

Christine Mauersberger  March 10-11 Expressive Art: painting and Doodling

Jane Callender    March 19-23, 2018 Callishibori

Catharine Ellis    March 27-30, 2018 Natural Dye Study

Carol Soderlund      April 9-11, 2018 True Colors

Carol Soderlund         April 12, 2018 Swiftly Colored Silk

Catherine O'Leary   October 15-18, 2018  Sculptural Felted Garments

Irit Dulman      April 16-23, 2018    Botannical Print w Natural Dyes and Sewing: 

Irit Dulman  April 26- May 3, 2018  Botanical Print w Natural Dyes and Sewing

Rosalie Dace:  May 8-10, 2018

  • Ann Johnston:  Feb 2019
  • Nicola Brown: August  26- Sept 2, 2018
  • Pia Best-Reininghaus: Nov 3-5, 2018 Indigo-Rust & Eco-Print
  • Pia Best-Reinghaus: Nov 8-12, 2018  Shibori
  • Roxanne Lasky  Threads of Meaning Nov 15-18, 2018
  • Gladys Paulus
  • Natalya Brashovetska: Nov 2018
  • Katia Mokeyeva
  • Adrienne Gaskell: Kuminihimo/ June 2019
  • Tommey Scanlin: Planning Design for Tapestry  March 4-8, 2019