Japan Textile Trip 2021

Japan Textile Trip 2021

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Spring 2021 Japanese Textile Workshop


Join us May of 2021 for 12 days in Japan.


Japanese Textile Workshop in Japan May 8-20, 2021


Immerse yourself in an old Japanese textile tradition while experiencing the excitement of Tokyo and the beauty of the mountains on this tour and retreat.


Located in the beautiful mountain village of Fujino, just outside of Tokyo, this 12 Day retreat is a master class introduction to Japanese textiles with a focus on indigo dyeing using shibori techniques and katazome stenciling. This workshop is perfect for designers, crafters and anyone who enjoys or wants to learn about stitching and dyeing. For those individuals considering setting up an indigo vat at home, this is an excellent opportunity to learn to make and maintain a non-fermented indigo vat. The material covered in the workshop is also a hands-on introduction to Japanese culture in general. The ideas and technical approaches to textile work share the same ethics and standards as Japanese artistic disciplines.


Everyone will need to arrive in Tokyo on May 8th. We will spend two days in Tokyo with Bryan as our private guide. We will visit museums, shops and flea markets in search of old kimono, fabrics, papers etc.


We will then travel by train to a mountain village outside the city for an intensive indigo- dyeing workshop and cultural retreat. Our host and teacher has lived in Japan for over two decades and is an expert in Japanese textile crafts. We will stay at his 150-year-old silk-farming house where we'll learn about indigo dyeing using the Japanese techniques of shibori (resist) and katazome (stencil) dyeing. We'll also enjoy delicious home-cooked Japanese meals and unique cultural experiences.



Immersive, multi-day, hands-on introduction to the ancient Japanese tradition of indigo- dyeing using shibori and katazome dyeing techniques (You will come home with many completed projects!)

Day-trip to visit the workshop of an esteemed sixth-generation katazome dyer CULTURAL EXPERIENCES

  •  An ikebana flower arranging workshop

  • ·         An introduction to traditional Japanese tea ceremony

  • ·         Hiking in the lush hills around the village

  • Visit a traditional Japanese onsen

·         Delicious home-cooked Japanese meals in addition to eating at local restaurants Two days in Tokyo + ten days in Fujino            438,500 JPY.

In today's market that is $3893.38 but it will be calculated when we go. That number can change up or down.

Fee includes:


·         *All fees for the workshops including materials.

·         *Two nights in Tokyo hotel, double occupancy

·         *Ten night’s accommodation at the farmhouse, double occupancy.

·         *All breakfasts.

*All transportation in Japan. From the time we meet, until and including the return train tickets back to Tokyo station on day twelve. Including excursions Tokyo.

·         *Folk Craft Museum Entrance fee.

·         *Cost of Indigo workshop in Hachioji.




  • *International airfare (from your local airport

  • *Travel Insurance (we recommend a travel insurance policy and are shopping for a group rate: this would allow refunds, travel expense in case of delay and medical treatment if necessary while traveling).

  • *Meals in Tokyo: Bryan will take us to reasonably priced restaurants in the city. 

  • *Restaurant meals except for welcome dinner. Some dinners will be decided on that particular day according to how we feel. Dinners in are covered. Dinners out are not covered. All restaurants will be reasonably priced.


·         $500 Deposit to Secure your space This payment can be made with PayPal, a credit card through PayPal, a check on U S account or bank transfer.

·         All subsequent payments must be made with a check drawn on a US account or a bank transfer. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal but any transaction fees will be added to your final payment. Thank you for your understanding on this. We simply cannot absorb the credit card fees on all of the payments.

·         $1000 payment #1: Oct 1, 2019 or $1500 total at this point.

·         $1000 payment #2 Feb 1, 2020 or $2500 total at this point.

$1000 payment #3 June 1 2020 or $3500 total at this point

FINAL PAYMENT October 2020- this final amount will be calculated according to yen value and adding any credit card fees- FINAL PAYMENT BY CHECK OR BANK TRANSFER

·         Final payment: Feb 1, 2019. The final payment will be calculated to show the full payment of the trip to be 438,500 JPY plus any transaction fees incurred.

Please email Debbie or Suzanne with any questions you might have.

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