2-Day Intro to Eco Print Workshops

2-Day Intro to Eco Print Workshops

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Come experience the magic that happens when Eco-Printing.

Eco Printing is a process of using plants to dye and print on fiber through contact printing methods

During our workshop’s; participants will explore the alchemy of water, plant materials, heat, and metal and finish the class with beautiful prints on natural fiber fabrics.

 In these workshop's we will be creating samples and experimenting with different fibers. We will be using natural plant materials gathered near my Florida home or brought with you from your garden. I will show you processes that have worked well for me and the equipment and bundling techniques that are used.

Be prepared for the wonderful smells that can only come from eucalyptus, and other natural leaves and be open to the magic

The Intro 2-Day workshop will cover:

  • The materials and equipment needed for eco-printing

  • Fabric selections & prep (please pre scour fabrics prior to class)

  • Choosing the right plants for dyeing and understanding the role tannin plays

  • Understanding the print process on protein fibers ( we will be using protein fibers only in this workshop, for use of cellulose fibers- please check out the 3 day class)

  • Preparing the leaves for contact printing

  • Different techniques for laying out your leaves

  • Methods of rolling, tying and cooking bundles

Class Dates:

  • Sept 5-6, 2018

  • Oct 30-31, 2018

Class time: 9:00- 4:00

Class fee: $260.00

Materials fee: $40 payable day of class





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