5 Day + 2 Day Botanical Printing and Natural Dyes with Irit Dulman


5 Day + 2 Day Botanical Printing and Natural Dyes with Irit Dulman

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5 Day Botanical Print and Natural Dye Workshop and an additional 2 Day Extension class for those registered in the 5 day class.

5 day class : $900.00

5 + 2 day class: $1260

For those who registered with a deposit to hold your space- the balance is due before 6/20. If Balance is not received, your space will be transferred to waitlist.

July 29- August 2, 2017

In this class students will learn techniques from basic to advance:

  • how to find plants to work with, identify tannin and pigments in the plants.
  • 2 basic techniques of printing for different print effect on silk and viscose
  •  Building background around the leaves and different backgrounds effect
  •  technique for wool with no heavy iron
  • Mordant for silk and cotton/viscose and its influence on the print.
  • Experimenting printing on a pre-dyed fabrics with Indigo, weld, cochineal, logwood, madder, etc... 
  •  Techniques to create big pieces of fabrics without folding

5 Day + 2 Day: $1260.00

The techniques for the 2 day extension are based on the knowledge taught in the 5 days class and only students who attended this class can continue to this class.

  • In this class Irit will teach advanced technique with including painting leaves with dye extract for more colorful definition in the prints.
  • special effect such as a discharge effect on dark fabrics.
  • layout and composition of leaves for full control of designing.
  • The techniques will require only mordant fabrics which will be mordanted during the 5 days class for those who continue to this class only



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