India Flint- being there

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India Flint- being there

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being (t)here ::: in the field

mapping the poetics of place

MARCH 6-8, 2018



‘being (t)here’ is an intensive site-specific philosophical practice, sifting the poetics of place through immersion in the local landscape. Each class is tailored to exploring its locality, but also covers the fundamentals of bundle dyeing on both textiles and paper. Though we work small, the techniques learned may be applied to larger projects when participants return to their own studios. Weather permitting, we spend time outside making experiential wanderings. Other work will take place indoors. 

Using cloth, stitch, paper and locally gathered plant dyes (from weeds and windfalls) along with drawing, writing, mark-making and paper-folding techniques (developed especially for the class) we build a series of small and intricate workbooks mapping the journey of our time together.  We record our experiences through dyeing, drawing and painting as well as through poetry and story, developing a vocabulary of marks from the landscape and gathering a rich resource of words and images to take forward into other work.  

The practice of ‘being (t)here’ is a way of experiencing the whirled that finds the cracks that let the light get in no matter where you happen to be, offering a pathway for wandering whether you’re in a verdant forest, by a river somewhere or in an urban wasteland.

About the Instructor: (Interview in The Plant Hunter, Oct 2014

written by : Georgina Reid)

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