Indigo meets Eco-Print with Pia Best-Reininghaus

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Indigo meets Eco-Print with Pia Best-Reininghaus

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Pia Best–Reininghaus from Germany is a  fashion designer and textile artist who has specialised herself in fashion, felting, shibori, natural dyeing and natural printing with leaves. After a couple of years in experimenting she is ready to share this technique and her way of making designs with the plant materials. We are excited to welcome her to Stuart Florida and to learn from her.

In this workshop the participants will learn the basic instructions of dyeing with indigo crystals and eco-printing based on fabric samples like wool, silk, cotton, linen and viscose jersey. We will also print a garment brought from home

Workshop Scheduled for October 18-20, 2016

Materials fee: Fabric approx $75.00 ( making group order)

( I am working with other workshop providers to order the viscose jersey and elastic bandages in bulk. the fabric specified by Pia is from HILCO and is a high quality. Once this is ordered, this will reduce items you will need to bring but determine the materials fee.)

Materials List:

  • Cotton/ Linen Yarn/ String (1 spool)

  • 20-30 wide rubber bands

  • rubber gloves, apron, scissors

  • plastic wrap

  • old cotton or bed sheet

  • fabrics for samples: silk, wool, cotton, linen, viscose jersey

  • white or light color garment to dye

  • 3 yard viscose jersey (93% viscose/7% elastan)

Payment/ Deposit/Materials:
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