Materials List: Merike van Zanten

Eco Printed Books

Cutting knife/scalpel

Scissors/rotary cutter




awl or other piercing tools

plant material

old towels

thin plastic sheeting or roll


old sheets or flannels for (iron + dye) blankets

mordanted piece of raw silk, 1/2 yd.

Any eco printed materials you would like to incorporate or repurpose/overprint for your books

*Cutting Mat (studio provided unless you wish to bring your own small mat)

*Bonefolder (studio provided unless you have your own)

I will supply at cost ($40-$50 per student):

  • PVA glue

  • needles

  • thread

  • paper

  • leather

  • book board

  • potted plants for the leather

There might be slight adjustments to these lists before the actual workshop.