Intro to Stitching Workshop-

Intro to Stitching Workshop-


Shibori is a Japanese word used to describe the  ways to create  patterns on cloth by manipulating it before dyeing. Shibori comes from the verb root shiboru, “to wring, squeeze, press.”. Shibori techniques include stitching, folding and clamping, wrapping, scrunching, etc. Traditionally it is worked with Indigo as the dye. In this workshop you will learn the basic type of  stitching used to create patterns in the cloth.

This workshop is an introduction to the Japanese art of Shibori and the stitching used to create unique patterns.. The Japanese have used stitching to resist dye in shibori for many years. This technique  is used to create designs of many types. it is the combination of the stitch used and the arrangement of the fabric that make the patterns. The principal stitch used in Shibori is the running stitch or Ori-Nui. Some refer to stitched Shibori as drawing with thread. You will learn many different stitch patterns including: Mokume (wood grain); Ori-nui (running stitch);Maki-Nui (oversewn stitch);Maki-age (stitched and tied); Karamatsu (japanese Larch/ radiating circle) & Komasu, and produce samples for future work. We will learn how to lay patterns out and then how to execute them.

You will come away with new friends , great memories and a collection of indigo dyed fabrics in various solid shades, and patterns!

We are located in Sunny Stuart, Florida and will be working at The Fish House ArtCenter, overlooking the waterfront, in the fishing village of Port Salerno. For those traveling from out of state; plan a winter escape! Waterfront accommodations and dining are located within walking distance.

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