·         Roughly a total of  2yds of 4.5 mm silk gauze, 5mm habotai and or Margelan silk. You will be doing  a sandwich : silk/wool/silk. Two layers of silk with merino wool in the middle

·          Please note if you are a beginner 4.5  silk gauze or margelan silk is the fastest and easiest to use.  5mm habotai just takes a little more time and patience. Please no odd silk that is not 5mm habotai or silk gauze, be careful of the fabric you pick up at thrift stores!!  If you are not sure what it is than I don’t either. Please save it for making your scarves at home

·         1-2 oz of 18-19 micron merino wool  for the majority of the scarflette/shawlette  (please straight merino only, no blends for collaging) I usually use black merino but you can use the color of your choice.

It is VERY important to know what kind of wool you are using

Just a quick note on how I usually decide on fabric and wool choices. I usually use black merino as my main color of wool; I like the muted effect I get on the silk. It is just like painting, if you add black to your paint it will make it darker, so if you started off with a bright orange it will turn out to be a burnt orange. The black also gives your butterfly a stained glass look. You can use any color you want this is just what I use in my work. I bring out my extra colors in making “eyes’ and edges.

  • ·         Pieces of habotai or silk gauze for collaging
  • ·         Sprayer, ball brause or large sponge
  • ·         Old Shear polyester curtain
  • ·         Colored bombyx silk roving and /or bamboo roving (optional)
  • ·         3-4 nylon knee high stockings or cut up panty hose
  • ·         2 pieces of Clear .7 mil drop cloth plastic 30” x85”
  • ·         Small pool noodle aprox 25” optional
  • ·         3-4 old towels
  • ·         Scissors
  • ·         Dish pan or bucket
  • ·         Nylon body scubby (optional) a plastic grocery bag will work also or a wooden palm sander
  • ·         Non-skid rubber rug liner or drawer liner, approx size 24"x 82 ”(not the large hole rug liners)
  • Dawn dish washing liquid

Materials Fee:  $15