Aya Fiber Studio Nuno Collage Scarflette/Shawlette Materials list

  • approximately 1- 1⁄2 yds – 2yds of 4.5 mm silk gauze, 5mm habotai or Margelan silk
  • ( please no odd silk that is not 5mm habotai or silk gauze, be careful of the fabric you pick up at thrift stores!! Save it for making your scarves at home)
  • 1⁄4 - 1⁄2 yd silk organza for ruffles on the edges (optional)
  • 1-2 oz of 18-19 micron merino wool (please straight merino only, no blends for collaging) I usually use black merino but you can use the color of your choice.
  • 1⁄2 oz merino blends ( merino/tencel , merino.bamboo or merino/silk) are optional for making “holes” or cording ( optional)
  • Pieces of habotai or silk gauze for collaging
  • sprayer , ball brause or large sponge
  • Old Shear polyester curtain
  • Colored bombyx silk roving and /or bamboo roving ( optional)
  • 3-4 Strips of lycra or panty hose
  • 2 pieces of Clear .7 mil drop cloth plastic 30” x85”
  • small pool noodle aprox 25”
  • 3-4 old towels
  • Scissors
  • Dish pan or bucket
  • Nylonl body scubby (optional, a plastic grocery bag will work also or a wooden palm sander)
  • non-skid rubber rug liner approx size 24"x 82 ”(not the large hole rug liners)
  • Dawn dish washing liquid

Materials Fee:  $15

I will have small amounts of additional colors of wool, bombyx silk colors and small silk pieces for adding additional colors to your work (meant to be in addition to for your main colors)


  • $25 booklet of printed directions
  • $5/ea hand dyed coconut buttons

Nuno Collage Scarflette/Shawlette shopping List

It is VERY important to know what kind of wool you are using

just a quick note on how I usually decide on fabric and wool choices. I usually use black merino as my main color of wool, I like the muted effect I get on the silk. It is just like painting, if you add black to your paint it will make it darker, so if you started off with a bright orange it will turn out to be a burnt orange. The black also gives your butterfly a stained glass look. You can use any color you want this is just what I use in my work. I bring out my extra colors in making “eyes’ and edges.

1⁄2 to 3⁄4 yd dyed silk gauze for the Underside of the scarflette For those who are beginners it is best to use 3- 4.5 silk gauze or margelan silk (5mm habotai may be used instead, your choice, I usually use silk gauze) Please bring a little extra for sample making

1⁄2 tp 3⁄4 yd of silk gauze, margelan silk (easiest to nuno felt) or 5mm silk habotai for the top side or the collaged side

Hand dyed available online Etsy or online:

Please Only:

3-4 mm silk gauze Best for beginners

Butterfly silk 3mm? ( margelan silk) best for beginners

Or 5mm china silk or habotai ( which is a little more difficult to nuno felt)

Heartfelt silks: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartFeltSilks

Gail Callahan the Kangaroo Dyer http://www.etsy.com/listing/93903872/borealis-in-hand-dyed- habatoi-silk-for

Outback Fibers: www.outbackfibers.com :

( undyed margelan or butterfly silk)

also has hand dyed silk gauze also called tissue silk , 5 mm habotai, wool, silk hankies bombyx sik and throwsters waste

If you want to dye your own:

Silk and silk dye: Dharma Trading co. : www.dharma trading.com

Dharma also sells acid and fiber reactive dyes and have directions.

Pro Chem – Dye: www.prochemical.com

Printed silk:

Fabric Mart Printed silk fabrics: www.fabricmartfabrics.com

Fashion Fabrics club printed silk fabric: www.fashionfabricsclub.com

Thai Silks= www.thaisilks.com

Exotic silks- www.exoticsilks.com

Golden silks- www.goldensilks.com

Etsy or ebayPrintedsilkfabric (6mm silk chiffon prints, works very nice!! Allow 2- 4 weeks for delivery)

Outback Fibers: www.outbackfibers.com

1 -2 oz of 18 or 19 micron roving plus bits of other colors as needed (I usually use black (optional)

New England Felting Supply: www.Sales@felting supply.com

Outback Fibers: www.outbackfibers.com

Nylon Body scrubber (Yellow in the photo) walmart or drug store

(Heartfelt silks : wooden palm wash board (optional) https://www.heartfeltsilks.com/tools.html

short pool noodle

Pool supply store or Walmart (pink in the photo)

Sheer old polyester curtain (size can vary, It is only used when wetting out your piece)

An old polyester sheer curtain or you can buy new from Target /Walmart or Good will stores

2 large pieces of drop cloth plastic 25” x 75” or the width and length of the silk

I use .7 or .8ml drop cloth plastic I buy in a roll from Wal-Mart

Rubber Non-skid rug mat with small holes 25” x 75”( the white one the blue is great as a test gauge)

please buy the one with med holes the large square hole ones don’t work well available at Walmart/Target/ Home Depot

4 -8 Lycra ties or cut off panty hose legs

Old panty hose, knee highs or an old bathing suit cut up in strips works great

A bucket or dishpan

Dawn liquid soap (I usually use Dawn but use your soap of choice)

4 or 5 old bath towels

Insect spray pump, ball brause or whatever method you like to use,a large sponge works well also


Please email me with any questions ahead of time especially about silk if you are planning to dye or bring your own. sugarplumoriginals@gmail.com

Material fees :


I will have small amounts of additional colors of wool, silk pieces for adding additional colors to your work (meant to be in addition to for your main colors)

Optional is a booklet of printed directions for $25