Student Supply List

Joomchi & Beyond

* 1 Corrugated plastic board (size: smallest 20”x 30”)-

* 1 Cylinder shaped/round wood dowel (1” tickness and at least 24”length)              

   -It should be straight. Curbed one is not usable. Available at hardware/home improvement stores such as Menards or Home Depot. 

* 1 Water sprayer with adjustable nozzle– prefer larger sized one

* 1 Used towel (larger than the corrugated plastic boards)

* Waterproof Apron or clothing that can be ruined by dyes(optional)

* one or two Zip block bags

* a couple of thin lab gloves if your hand is sensitive(optional)

* 2-3” cheap flat paint brush and water bucket or a container that fits the brush

* Sketchbook or a few white copy papers with drawing tool(optional)

* Different thickness and color permanent markers (optional)

* Scissor or paper cutter

* Scraps of newspaper, rice paper, cotton, etc in various colors-more is merrier.

* Various colored and thickness threads with a thick/big eye needle

* 2 24" x 28" Bubble wrap and tape

* Awl or paper punch


Supply fee (5 HANJIs- 100 percent Korean Mulberry Papers(each $6)) for instructor per student: $ 30