Open House

We are having our Grand Opening Open House this Friday, June 12th from 5:00- 9:00 pm!

There will of course be food and drink (have I ever had an opening without??) Door prizes and lots of information for upcoming summer workshops. I may even have a vat and be able to give a demonstration for hand dyeing with indigo.

I guess it just makes everything official to have an "Opening". It is summer at The Fish House and our walk in traffic has been low so I may or may not have anyone attend, but I sure hope so! Some of the artists have left for vacation, but there are still alot of people going to the nearby waterfront restaurants. 

I'm not sure if many will attend, but just like having a party in your home forces you to get things done, having a party in the studio will force me to get things done too!  I made sure my summer workshop schedule is complete, ordered supplies for workshops, printed material to hand out. Now that this is all complete I can go to Arrowmont at the end of the month, focus on my workshop with Amy Putsanu and come back re-energized and full of great ideas!!!!!  I am so excited!

I've been in a "creative slump" for about 4 weeks now. My mother has been hospitalized and I have had several family issues tugging at me. There has been stress with my homeowners association and my home is in renovation nightmare. It's hard for me to be creative when my mind is so very cluttered. Going to Arrowmont will be a wonderful distraction from my life in Stuart, Florida. Did I mention, that I can't wait to leave!!!!!!

If you are out and about Port Salerno on Friday evening, PLEASE stop in and say hello, have a glass of wine and check out our summer workshops!  I will have a drawing for a FREE workshop .

Hope to see you!