Materials List

Katia Mokeyeva Workshops 

Yekaterina (Katia) Mokeyeva


List of supplies and materials for a 4-day class Yekaterina Mokeyeva



  • ·         Plastic bubble wrap, enough to cover 6' table; plus an extra piece about 1m X 1m size;

  • ·         Clear thin plastic (2 mil painters drop), enough to cover 6' table;

  •  ·         Watering device, a ball brouse                          , or a squirt bottle of a choice;

  • ·         Container for water/soap solution (small bucket);

  • ·         Natural liquid soap (biodegradable dish soap is the best); you can bring your favorite olive soap bar as well, but we will mostly use water/soap solution;

  • ·         Pool noodle, about 2' long;

  • ·         Elastic ties for rolling (stockings or pantyhose);

  • ·         Pen and notebook;

  • ·         SharpiePro marker;

  • Marker/dp/B00D633SV6/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=sharpie+pro&qid=1553691032&s=gateway&sr= 8-5

  • ·         Three-four old bath towels;

  • ·         Any favorite felting tools, like ceramic felting stone, palm washboard, pantry jar lid with a ribbed surface, small roller-massager, etc.

  • ·         Good sharp scissors;

  • ·         Small hand mini-carder or metallic dog/cat brush        

  • ·         Cheap grocery plastic bag;

  • ·         Masking tape (about 1'' wide).

  • ·         If you are making a garment, please bring paper to transfer the pattern;

  • A piece of soft fiberglass mosquito screen material, one – two yards is enough;

  • A small (no more than 15’’ X 15’’) piece of flexible bumpy plastic shelf liner material; available on Amazon (Ikea brand), and in many common stores, like Dollar Ge

  • Makita finishing sander, extention cord, optional, but can be very helpful. bo3710/i/G4920465/feature- product?gclid=CjwKCAjwvuzkBRAhEiwA9E3FUlYQePpd7r6E_ALOIDtuFjWPIjr_JpC2nZRRx mtKa1HW4Ml1VgroYxoCaKIQAvD_BwE



  • ·         250g - 300g 18 - 19 mic merino wool tops (few of your favorite colors); include a little bit of black wool, and some light shades;

  •      Dyed plant fibers: ramie, bamboo, viscose, or Tencel; (your favorite colors, 2 yards of sleever), will be available for sale from the instructor, $5 per yard); Plus, one yard of WHITE plant fiber sliver (any of the above).

  • ·         Three (six minimum if you are making a garment) yards of Margilan silk gauze fabric (authentic, organic, hand woven, hand dyed; will be available for sale from the instructor, $10 per yard). The gorgeous fabric is perfect for the innovative techniques of this class and allows to create complex surfaces in a limited workshop time. It's not the same with chiffon silk or other silk fabric.