Lisa Binkley Materials List

Lisa will prepare kits for students for the workshop. They are $40 each and contain the fabric base on which students stitch; a wide variety of beads, buttons, and cabochons for stitching to the sampler; beading thread; and a very detailed booklet with color photos of completed samplers, illustrations of and information about the techniques introduced, information about bead, thread, and needle selection for continued work beyond class, and resource information for inspiration and supplies.

Here are the supplies you should bring with you:

* Beading needles in sizes 10 and 12

* A bead cloth for holding loose beads (Vellux, felt, or a plain fabric that will allow the beads to sit up on the surface)

* A bead scoop or small spoon

* A pair of small, sharp scissors

* A pen or pencil for taking notes

* A chalk pencil or similar marking device for marking on fabric

Optional supplies are:

* Portable task lamp (such as an Ott light)

* Thread wax or conditioner

* Thimble

* Box-type needle threader

* Magnifiers (glasses or the kind you could wear in addition to glasses)