Eco Print on Leather and Paper

M. Theresa Brown

Jan 30- Feb 2

Although sewing leather (on a suitable machine) is an option,  students will learn the hand sewing technique. The leather kit from Amazon has supplies that work with both paper and leather and the kidskin leather is a 5 sq ft hide which they can take what they do not use home and make additional items. I will bring leaves-easier and I will have them BUT we will also forage for a few😊

Supplies provided by instructor: Pay her directly in class

*1 Kidskin hide  ($15.00 per hide)


*Cardboard/matboard for covers

Supplies provided by student:

·         2 yards silk 8mm up-any kind is OK-

·         Rotary cutters with sharp blades

·         Scissors

·         Package of beige colored/white, wide bias tape (Walmart, etc.)

·         Leather beginner kit from Amazon ( )  Slight overkill but great price at less than $20.00. They will use some of the same tools for both leather and watercolor.

·         Watercolor paper and or books with sheets no larger than 9 x 12 (or sheets to cut up) ( Perfect size, weight  -less than $7.00

·         12” ruler, pencil

·         Pair of needle nose pliers (for those that need help pulling through leather)

·         Computer paper (20 sheets or so)

Optional but useful:

·         Bone folder  (less than $7.00) Used to set crease in folded paper