Exploring Rozome: Patterns and Texture with soywax/ beeswax w Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

March 30- April 3, 2019

STUDENT SUPPLY LIST      These are the things you should bring to class. Do not   SUBSTITUTE without contacting me. kiranada@myfairpoint.net

*Pencil/ eraser/ sketch book/ 

*Some of your own designs or symbols for reference

*Scissors/ needle/ cotton thread / rubber gloves

*Two cheap 3" house painting brushes (called ‘chip’ brushes, with natural, not synthetic bristle)*‘Exact-o’ knife or blade with handle for cutting stencils ( replaceable blades please)

* A 2" - 4" hard rubber brayer (roller) with metal mount (see www.dickblick.com item # 40113-1010).*4 - 5 small glass baby food jars with lids (clean and washed/ baby food jars regular       size not  Junior size). Sounds silly but these are the PERFECT size. Get them from a child-care center or . . . the grocery store like me!

*1 large clean water container . . . 16 oz. yogurt fine

*2 clean or small white towels (try the Dollar Store for cheapies/ white wash cloths suffice)

*A few clip clothes pins,

*Two cello sponges (dish washing sponges)

*Stretchers: Professional silk painting stretching system (or wooden stretcher bars, approx. 14" x 18"  and thumb tacks or push pins). Students often like to have two sets of stretchers to work on different pieces. A large embroidery hoop with suffice for a second frame.

 *1 ½ - 2 yards white, med. weight (15mm +) silk, prepared for dyeing.
(Please purchase this fabric from an Artists Fabric Supply Source i.e. Dharma <www.dharmatrading.com>, PRO Chem <www.prochemical.com>, Thai Silks <www.thaisilks.com> to insure that he cloth will dye well. Pre-wash it before class)

Suggested silks: Crepe de Chine, Dupion, Silk Broadcloth (Thai # 19c)


Brushes: any natural bristle brushes you would like to dedicate to use with wax or dye.

        (I will have some professional wax bushes available for sale too.)

 Etching tool  (inexpensive jeweler’s screwdriver -  Dollar store, or other small pointed tool, i.e.   common nail)

Stamps: metal or wooden stamps you would like to try in wax.

SUPPLIED BY INSTRUCTOR  ($55 to be paid on first day): 
For each student:
Japanese surikomi dye brush #5
Japanese wax brush ro-fude #12

stencil paper
 NEW 23 page booklet on Process and History with Glossary!!!

For joint use: acid dyes 5 colors

Soy wax/ bees wax
A few sheets of tracing paper and carbon paper