Materials List: Medium Print

 Note:  yardage amounts are suggestions only and will allow you to test the processes presented in the workshop.  Adjust quantities based on your fabric preferences in your work and how quickly you tend to work.

·          3-7 yards of heavy woven silk fabrics such as charmeuse, noil, jersey, crepe de chine, broadcloth.

·         1-5 yards silk habotai (also known as china silk)

·         At least 1 silk scarf- more depending on how quickly you work no more than 16” wide

·         1-3 yards of wool fabrics, such as wool jersey, challis or gauze.  Light weight nuno felt is acceptable.(white) Dharma has a nice silk /wool blend scarf.

·         2 yards of cotton and/or viscose (rayon) fabrics.  Knit fabric works great, Students  may bring white T-shirts in addition to or instead of yardage.

·         Heavy rubber bands and/or at least 100 yards thin rope or strong string to tie the bundles (test to ensure it will not break under tension).

·         Old cotton sheets or muslin (2-3 yards minimum)

·         Five 8-10 inch (not longer) wooden dowels (1-2” diameter), cut to length prior to class please.  Available at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

·         Rubber gloves

·         Scissors

·         Two medium size brushes for painting (inexpensive ones are fine)

·         Sprayer bottle

·         3 small plastic containers

·         Sharpie permanent marker, sewing measuring tape, calculator.

·         Roll paper towel

·         Notebook and pencil

·         Digital camera


If you have any plant material you wish to bring- please bring it with you, if not I will have a large selection of plants for you to use.

Fabrics and scarves can be purchased at Dharma Trade or Exotic Silks

Materials fees: ($40.00- $50.00pp)

Materials fees will be charged for materials used in the studio and/or provided by instructors for use in the studio by the entire class; For this class we will have mordants/ natural dyes, acid dyes and a selection of plants for you to use. Materials fees are paid when you arrive at class to the studio. I have ordered everything and will have the final amount computed once all the dyes, extracts and mordant have arrived and final enrollment is completed.