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HOT an Exploration in Contemporary Fiber Arts w Susan Lenz

Dec 3-5, 2018

This workshop by Susan Lenz is an introduction to heat-activated processes for contemporary embroidery.  The sessions will include experimentation with painted adhesives, metallic foiling, household irons, soldering irons, hand stitching and free motion machine embroidery, and a variety of novelty fibers.  Each student will create a unique, professionally matted finished project.  


1) an introduction to heat-activated processes using painted adhesives, metallic foiling, household irons, soldering irons, and experimentation with various fibers

2) an introduction to hand stitching and/or free motion machine embroidery as a contemporary design tool

3) mounting a finished fiber creation and other information about professionally presenting framed fiber arts 4) stimulating creative responses for fiber arts explorations

Finished Product: At least one completed project, mounted into a provided 8” x 10” professionally cut mat

Provided Materials: basic ground fabric, threads, chiffon overlay, metallic foil, heat-transfer adhesive tissue, needles, polyester velvet, “scraps/fragments/fibers”, mat, foam-centered board, plastic “stick-on” hanger, pins, felt backing, thread and yarns

Provided Class Supplies (as needed): scissors, staple gun and staples, use of a sewing machine, stretcher bars, tacks/staples and staple gun, 2-way tape, resource books, irons (6), ironing boards (6), release paper, heat guns, soldering irons, heavy-duty extension cords, power strips, iron cleaner, bibliography in handout form, previously cut 8” x 10” mats with 4” x 6” openings etc. PLEASE NOTE! There is a $20 per person supply fee to be paid to Susan during the workshop. Participants are only asked to provide their own scissors if they don’t want to use the ones provided … which aren’t particularly sharp! Participants do not need to provide any materials, tools, or equipment beyond their own scissors and the $20 supply fee. Susan provides EVERYTHING!

Class Fee: $520.00

You may secure your reservation in this class with a $120 Deposit and the Balance ($400) due 45 days prior to class ( mid Oct 2018)

Limit: 12 Students