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Powertex Figurine; Sculpting with Fabric- Cheryl Boglioli

Fabric Sculpting with Powertex with Cheryl Boglioli

Feb 16, 2019


Making a fabric sculpture allows complete freedom of expression in creating wonderful figurines that have their own

individuality and presence. Cheryl will show you how to construct a wire armature that is ‘mummified’ and then

‘dressed’ and draped with fabric dipped into a fabric hardener. Cheryl will guide you step by step to transform your

armature into a unique sculpture (a lady, a golfer, an Angel….)

Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you’ll love this Workshop!

Supplies needed:

• Scissors to cut fabric

• Some plastic and/or box to transport your piece home

• Cotton t-shirt (men’s L or XL) or 1/2 yard cotton fabric ie muslin, cotton

• 3/4 “ tan Masking tape

• 1/2” paintbrush

• Roll of Aluminum foil – *DO NOT USE HEAVY DUTY

• Small box of disposable gloves. You will go through a few.

• Students can also bring embellishments such as lace, doilies, etc to dress figurine.

When a student decide to make a ‘standing’ figure a fee of $10 will be charged for the base (to pay at time of the workshop)

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