The Amuletic Apron with India Flint

 In this three day class we will construct an amuletic apron embellished by a vocabulary of marks harvested from the landscape together with trinkets and talismans from our personal collections and small found objects gathered along the way. The apron will abound with pockets for poems (and for the ‘island book’ that we will fold together) be blessed with the addition of stitched embellishments and appliqued dyed scraps. This apron will also be an ongoing journey cloth for stitching in quiet moments during wanderings or back at home. The making of the apron reference’s India Flint’s practice of ‘being (t)here’ as a way of experiencing the whirled, that finds the cracks that let the light get in no matter where you happen to be, offering a pathway for wandering whether you’re in a verdant forest, by a river somewhere or in an urban wasteland.