Boro Bag Workshop Materials List

Eva Comacho



- 8-10 oz merino wool (a combination of 2-3 colors)

-       1-2 yards of fine silk, chiffon or habotai 5mm, fine cotton such as cheesecloth and/or wool fabric. Any fabric that it’s light and not too dense will work for this technique. Bring a combination of 4-6 colors, all complimentary to each other.

-      scraps of linen, denim, cotton

-      sewing needles

-      embroidery thread (similar colors to wool and silk)

-      head pins

-      Ball brause

-      Olive oil soap, preferable as a bar

-      Tulle (any dimension)

-      2 short pool noodles

-      2 pieces 150”x 24” bubble wrap

-      4 Towels

-      plastic bucket (1 qt. capacity)

-      fabric scissors

-      tape measure

-      other fiber such as silk hankies, bamboo, tencel (optional)

-      sketchbook and pencil