Sewing Workshops- Feb 2016

Sewing Workshops- Feb 2016



 Essential Techniques for Stunning Garments & Accesories

Construct gorgeous garments and accesories you'll be proud to say you sewed!  Be a part of the SLOW FASHION movement. Join one of our sewing classes and build a foundation of skills for successful sewing projects.

During class, I'll guide you step by step and show you how fun sewing can be. You'll learn construction techniques you can use for any project, beginning with methods for measuring accurately, choosing the correct pattern size and picking the right fabrics. In other classes we will learn basic and advanced construction techniques and then we end class with techniques for clean, beautiful finishing!

Ever had trouble understanding a pattern? Replace the confusion with clarity as I familiarize you with pattern diagrams and instructions. You'll get tips on how to cut pattern pieces, and I'll also teach you how to mark areas for darts, notches and more!

Then, get helpful tricks for identifying selvage, grainline and the right and wrong side of your fabric. I'll show you which layout to use based on your fabric's width, and you'll find out how to trace the pattern pieces, cut out your fabric and translate important markings you need to apply interfacing.

Once you're set up for success thanks to careful measuring and cutting, it's time to start sewing your project! Learn the value of testing stitches on a sample swatch as you practice making even seam allowances. To stabilize areas of your garments as you sew, I'll demonstrate how to use stay stitching techniques, before moving on to the actual construction

There will be several classes to select from- each covering a variety of techniques. some classes will be a few hours in length, some running for weeks. The studio will be available for all students to come work on their projects under the watchful eye of your own sewing angel.

Classes will be available in

  • garment construction- make a basic shift dress/ childs sundress (wouldn't it be fun to make your own fabric in one of our dyeing workshops
  • pillow construction- learn to make pillows. linings, zippers, flaps
  • make a bag- make a simple zipper pouch
  • reverse applique
  • sashiko stitching
  • make a pirate costume- prepare for next years pirate festival ( and we will have our own fashion show to boot)
  • make a simple unconstructed vest
  • Teen sewing

To end class, I'll demonstrate techniques for gorgeous finishing you don't want to miss.

Presentation is everything!

Then, all that's left to do is show off that lovely creation you made! and you can say "made this!"

Call Suzannne at (336) 693-4606 or email me at to discuss or schedule your class. 

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