3 Day Deconstructed Screen Print with Kerr Grabowski

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3 Day Deconstructed Screen Print with Kerr Grabowski

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Create Fabrics full of Depth and Personal Imagery- Deconstructed Screen-Printing and More

 Explore a different facet of screen printing on fabric; the unpredictable, the intuitive, the “happy accident”. Using fiber reactive dyes, deconstructed printing and poly-chromatic printing,  experiment with the silkscreen as a painting and mono-printing tool. The techniques are simple, the results can be breathtaking in their beauty and complexity. The resulting fabric may be used as an end in itself or a point of departure for further embellishment.

While the workshop is geared toward fabric, all techniques and materials work on good printmaking papers as well.

  •  Workshop Fee: $480.00
  •  Student Materials fee: $50

 What is Deconstructed screen printing ?

Deconstructed Screen Printing is a technique Kerr developed using simple removable textures such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, various leaves and other low relief textures. The screen is placed  on the texture(any textured surface ie. wrinkly paper), and a preliminary print is pulled, transferring the texture to the screen. The dye is left in the screen to dry, textured object is removed and screen is printed using sodium alginate (dye thickener) to release the dye.

As the dye becomes wetter, more dye is released onto the fabric allowing for a series of up to six mono-prints.

The technique is very simple, the results can be breathtaking in their beauty and complexity.

No previous experience is required.


Kerr Grabowski is known for her innovative approaches to dyeing and screening processes.  Her background in drawing, printmaking and design is evident in her elegantly whimsical art-wear. Kerr is the developer of Deconstructed Screen Printing, a printing/mono print technique allowing for a freer, more painterly approach to screen printing. A NJ Arts and Mississippi Arts Commission fellowship recipient, Kerr is widely published including Ornament,Fiber Arts, Surface Design Journal, Fiber Arts Design Book Six, Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art and Textiles Now .  She exhibits and teaches workshops internationally and has produced two DVDs - Deconstructed Screen Printing and Adventures in Surface Design.   Kerr Lives in Bay St Louis Mississippi

Kerr’s work can be viewed online at www.kerrgrabowski.com

 “Much of my work in textiles and clothing stems from an interest in cultures where art is an integral part of daily life-where mark making is a natural activity, a part of the celebration of being.”


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