Reverse Applique


Reverse Applique


This class features Suzanne’s  fast and easy technique for reverse appliqué.  Students will learn this technique by working on a small individual project using two layers of fabric.  With Suzanne’s help, each student will design her/his own piece. We will use stencils Suzanne has on hand or you may bring one of your own.  Hand stitching will attach all the layers together, then the top layer is cut to reveal the design. 


(2) 1 Yard pieces 100% cotton jersey or 2 cotton jersey T-Shirts in the same size/ contrasting colors (Advanced workshops will hand dye fabrics)
safety pins (about 30)
white marking pencil/ tailors chalk
small  4”-5” sharp embroidery scissors
seam ripper
pen/pencil and paper for sketching design
Sewing Needles
All purpose Thread
Craft Knife
Button Thread in contrasting color/ embroidery floss
Beads (optional) Chop, Bugle, Seed, Sequins
#10 Mil Bead Needles

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