Fashion Styling and Surface Design for Nuno Felted Garments with Charity Vdmeer

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Fashion Styling and Surface Design for Nuno Felted Garments with Charity Vdmeer

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June 8-11, 2017

Workshop cost: $675.00

The workshops will focus on working creatively in exploring and concentrating on learning how to design your own unique and seamless felted garment, You will explore the structures and rough surface using different techniques and materials.

The focus will be on designing and making a one-piece nuno-felted flared or straight dress, tunics or skirts or a A-line tops and dresses

 In some cases if you prefer I can dye the materials which will also add extra texture and will give you a two in one garment you can wear your piece inside out too. Very interesting.

 Students will learn how to create pleats to add extra float accent into their projects.

 In addition we will be creating textures on the surface to create a very creative garments.

They will get to work with all kinds of fibers (linen, soya, silk fibers) and raw wool to create the textures to their own liking.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to create your fashionable and wearable pieces.

 Students will also learn how to enlarge a normal pattern into a felting pattern using my simple basic techniques I use in my work.

 I will teach you how to enlarge a simple basic pattern into a felting pattern.

But most importantly you will learn how to work with the direction of the wool that will help you in creating the form and shapes. This will help you understand how the direction of wool helps in garment felting and shaping. Because the wool plays a much bigger role in shaping than a pattern block.


The procedure:

  • On the first day we look at styling and colors. Then make a miniature garment to help you in understanding the whole process. This is very important because u get to try out the colors and the style.
  •  Then we will draft the pattern and prepare for the days to follow..
  •  The following days we will concentrate on laying out the wool finely, wool laying is so important in the garment felting.
  • On the last day we will be refining and shaping the final garment. And most importantly we will be doing the final fitting.


No sewing needed. Only for attaching done elements to the design.

Basic felting experience required.

Class Limited to 6 students

You may secure your space in class with a $175 deposit/ Balance due 30 days before class

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