Nuno Collage Cowl Neck Ever Changing Poncho with Jean Gauger

If you have an idea of how you want your poncho to look it is very helpful if you do a sketch or drawing before the class so you have a some kind of guide

Materials List:

  • ◊ 8-10 yds total for inside and out 4.5 mm silk gauze, 5mm silk habotai or a combination.

In this project you can use all the same silk or a combination of the above listed. I generally use silk gauze for the underside and a combination of silk gauze and silk habotai for the topside. I may ask for a little more than what you will use only so you will have enough and don’t run short. Remember you will be making a silk sandwich poncho, silk is used inside and out, so think about that when you are deciding on your colors! If you are using silk printed fabric please be aware of the mm weight I have used printed silk chiffon that is 6mm that works well from China (purchased on Ebay or Etsy) Please do not bring silk you don’t know what it is. Any changes such as making it bigger you will need more wool and fabric. Just keep in mind bigger also means more time!!

  • ◊Approx 7-8 oz of superfine merino roving plus bits of other colors as needed (this may be more than what you will need but another item that its better to have more than not enough) (I usually use black (optional) merino roving (my shrinkage rates are for 18 – 19.5 micron wool, you may use a little less but better to have extra!! ◊ Silk hankies 6-8 or 1 10-gram package (optional For butterfly look I use Black)

  • ◊ Bamboo roving, tussah silk and or bombyx silk roving (optional)

  • ◊ Wool neps (optional)

  • ◊ Long pool noodle

  • ◊ Non-skid rug liner 5’ x 8 ‘ is a good size (make sure it is the one with small holes large square holes do not work well)

  • ◊ Shear old polyester curtain (any size, it doesn’t have to be as large as the poncho template it can be moved around)

  • ◊ 2 large pieces of drop cloth plastic 50” x 108” or the width and length of the silk (I use .7 or .8 MIL thin drop Cloth plastic for this)

  • ◊ 2 MIL drop cloth plastic this is to make your plastic resist pattern

  • ◊ Dawn liquid dishwashing soap (I usually use Dawn but use your soap of choice)

  • ◊ 5 or 6 old bath towels

  • ◊ Nylon Body scrubber or if you have a Wooden Palm washboard please bring it

  • ◊ An insect pump spray bottle or ball brause or whatever method you like to use to wet your work (please do not use a regular spray bottle it doesn’t get the work wet enough)

  • ◊ Scissors

  • ◊ Duck Tape

  • ◊ Measuring tape

  • ◊ Calculator
  • ◊ Sharpie or marker

  • ◊ Garden Gloves with grippe palms

  • ◊ App called PercentDiff for iPhone or iPad (other apps may be used also but this one is tried and true) mine may be used if you don’t have an IPhone or iPad ◊ #40G or #42G Felting needle or needles. (Optional for fixing errors)

  • ◊ Small piece of foam for needle felting (optional for fixing errors)