3 Day Batik Techniques Workshop with Muffy Clark Gill

3 Day Batik Techniques Workshop with Muffy Clark Gill

from 120.00

October 1-3, 2019

Have you been interested in trying a new painting process but have been afraid to learn? This workshop is about using the batik (Indonesian style wax resist painting) and rozome (Japanese style batik) wax and dye painting processes to create unique artwork on fabric that can be used on everyday household objects, clothing or works of art! Play with tjaps (Indonesian printing blocks), tjanting tools, brushes, and other waxing techniques so that you have a variety of tools to create artwork that is uniquely yours.  We will work with environmental friendly soy/beeswax and Procion dyes for vivid colors. Good for silk painters, fiber artists and artists who would like to work in fiber so they can add new techniques and ideas to their toolkit.
$480  per student, plus $40 supply fee for instructor provided supplies
Instructor provided supplies:
Professional wax brush, 1 Tjanting, stencil materials, Tjaps, soy/beeswax and Procion dyes. (An additional professional Japanese dye brush may be purchased for $20.50)
A check for $40 to cover supplies provided by instructor should be made out to Funky Flamingo Studio

Required Supplies:
•    Pencil, eraser, and sketchbook
•    Some of your own designs and symbols for reference
•    Scissors, needles, cotton thread, and ½ yard of scrap cotton fabric
•    1-2 yds of white medium-weight (14mm+) 100% silk fabric, prewashed. Please make sure they are ironed before use! (Can use Dawn or Synthrapol) Suitable silks are Crepe de Chine, Dupioni, Silk Broadcloth(Thai #19c)
•    2 small clean white towels (Dollar store or similar)
•    A few clothes pins
•    2 cello sponges
•    14 x 20 “ wooden stretcher bars or commercial system for stretching fabric (May bring a second stretcher if you know you want to do a lot of work)
•    Push pins-plastic or stainless steel
•    Rubber gloves
•    1 large water container (clean large yogurt container)
•    4-6 small glass jars (baby food jars are ideal)-you can get in the dollar store
•    A few sheets of tracing paper
•    Any Japanese wax or dye brushes or Indonesian wax tools if you own

Fabric sources are:
•    Pro Chemical & Dye: www.prochemical.com
•    Thai Silks www.thaisilks.com
•    Dharma Trading: www.dharmatrading.com
Studio will supply: 
•    Heavy duty orange extension cords
•    electric wax pans (thermostatically controlled temperature)-electric frying pans are OK
•    Electric blender (home blender is fine as non-food materials will be used in it)
•    2 clean plastic buckets (2 gallon size)
•    Iron and ironing board to iron out fabrics
•    Roll of masking tape
•    Roll of Duct tape for protecting electrical cords
•    Newspapers without any glossy ad sections and/ or blank newsprint (to cover table tops and practice)

Number of participants: 8-10, minimum 6
Age: 15+
Experience Level: All levels.
Questions? Muffy@muffyclarkgill.com

For this class you may reserve your space with a $120 Deposit and pay the balance 45 days prior to class

Payment/ Deposit:
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