Exploring Rozome: Patterns and Texture with soywax/ beeswax w Kiranada Sterling

Exploring Rozome: Patterns and Texture with soywax/ beeswax w Kiranada Sterling

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Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

March 30, 2019- April 3, 2019


Rozome has caught the interest of fiber artists around the world. This course gives an overview of traditional techniques and allows you to consider its applications in your own creative work. For those new to the Japanese techniques, a number of traditional wax and dye application techniques are introduced including brushing, rolling, sprinkling, stamping and stenciling wax using traditional as well as new tools and materials.

The new washable, non-toxic soy-wax coupled with the outstanding Japanese Rozome Masters’ batik techniques make this class a winner! In this introductory class we will explore nine different Japanese textural and pattern possibilities including rokata (wax stencil), ro-etching (wax etching), ro-fubuki (wax snowstorm), ro-roller (rolled wax pattern), momo-otoshi (rub and remove), shikibiki (wax trailing) and also han-bosen (half resist) that works so successfully with soy wax. All techniques are applicable to either silk or cotton fabric In addition, the course introduces Japanese dyeing techniques such as bokashi, the controlled dye shading that produces such luminous results on silk.

This is an excellent class for silk painters, quilters and fiber collage artists who would like to add their own textured dyed and stenciled fabrics to their work. For those with batik experience, a stimulating “workshop style” option is available, introducing many new wax and dye application techniques.  In class we will work with silk and the sansei-senryo, acid dyes of the kimono industry. Demonstrations of all processes, samples of the instructor’s own personal work of 35 years and extensive hand-outs to take home, are all included. Slides on rozome history and the Japanese Masters to inspire will all be part of this exceptional class. Beginners to advance students welcomed. A newly created 23 pg. booklet on the processes, history and references is available.  Materials list at registration.

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