Electric Blue- Silk Scarf

Electric Blue- Silk Scarf


Degumming is the process of removing the sericin, or silk gum, from silk. Removing the gum improves the sheen, color, hand, and texture of the silk. Because the gum can serve as a protective layer, it is typically left on the silk until it is ready to dye. Most of us know these Raw Silk fabrics as Silk Organza.

Selective degumming is removing one of the two proteins from the fiber in silk organza, otherwise known as raw silk. When this process is done in combination with shibori resist techniques, (itajime, arashi, ori-nui) you are able to selectively have areas with the softness of habotai silk and other areas with the crispness of organza. This creates a beautiful fabric with texture that can then be further enhanced by dyeing techniques.

These are large organza silk Scarves that were first hand dyed with Acid Dye, then shibori resist was done befor removing the sericin from the exposed areas of the scarf. this resulted in removing some of the color and leaving these areas soft and lighter in color. The resulting tecture is that of soft silk habotai and crisp organza.

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