I create many different types of Scarves and Wraps; Silk Scarves, Linen Scarves, Cotton Scarves, Rayon Scarves- all using different Shibori Techniques.  I like using Natural Fibers in my work.

Natural fibres are good for you and good for the environment. Cotton, wool, silk and other plant and animal fibres are comfortable to wear. They are a sustainable resource, as they are renewable, biodegradable and carbon neutral and they can be used without depleting or damaging the environment.

The majority of my scarves are oversized and serve double duty as both a scarf or a wrap when you need to cover your shoulders. Here in South Florida it is always a good idea to carry along a scarf, so you have a little something when you step inside for dinner or a cold beverage. I've also seen many a cotton scarf double as a sarong to wear to the tiki bar.