Melt Off Shibori Techniques

Melt Off Shibori Techniques



Junichi Arai is a risk-taker and a rule-breaker. Over the past 50 years, the Japanese fiber artist has consistently pushed his work to the edge, developing new processes by combining traditional and high-tech materials and processes and then breaking the perceived rules to explore untested possibilities. He has received 36 patents for his innovative processes, mostly for new types of textiles that use gold and silver fibers in slit-film yarn. He has also used existing technologies such as heat-setting and burn-out to create new and original effects.


In this workshop, We will be using shibori resist methods to create designs on silver or gold lame fabric. This fabric is woven with a combination of metallic threads and semi clean nylon threads. After folding and clamping or scrunching and binding the fabric, it will be immersed in a hot bath that will literally melt off the metallic threads not enclosed in the clamps. It will be rinsed thoroughly and then dipped in a dye to color the nylon threads. This is a very toxic method and will be done outdoors. Please bring a protective mask or respirator with filters and gloves.



Beginner and intermediate



  • Bring 2-3 yards of Lame fabrics in your choice of colors



a pair of new rubber gloves

a seam-picker or small pair of sharp scissors

an old shirt or apron – and please wear old clothes

closed-toe shoes



Coffee is available from 9.45am. Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 3:00pm with a break during the day for lunch  Workshop Cost: $80/ person

Limit 4 students

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