Dye Painting and Printing with Ann Johnston

Dye Painting and Printing with Ann Johnston

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Feb 25- March 1, 2019 (5 days; 9:00-4:00)


For all levels

Fiber Reactive dyes are washable and will not leave a surface texture on the fabric, unlike textile paints and pigments. Procion MX dyes can be painted or printed directly on the fabric in a process that works well in a small space without needing heat or steam treatment. In this workshop, we will go over all the basics about these dyes; characteristics, recipes, and sources. Students will spend most of the class time painting on cotton. We will practice color mixing and create a sampler of techniques, learning to control the dye without resist in thick as well as thin mixtures. Ann will lead students through, step by step, demonstrating and explaining each exercise. The goal is to introduce some of the techniques in Ann's book, Color by Design, so the students have enough knowledge and experience to start using dye at home in their own projects.

Materials fee: per student $90

The materials fee covers the supplies Ann provides: hand-outs, dyes pre-measured in plastic squeeze bottles, powdered print paste mix, granular, urea, soda ash, Synthrapol, various printing materials and 3 yards of cotton. Ann will bring supplies and tools to share and extra dye, fabric, and supplies to sell.

In the 1970s I was making traditional-style quilts, and started dyeing fabric to get the colors. It took a long time to find the correct dye recipes and develop ways to work that were home friendly. By the early 1980s I was using only my hand-dyed fabrics, perfecting dye painting with precision for whole cloth silk quilts. By the late 1990s, I had learned many more dyeing and construction techniques. You can see the changes in my work in the three pieces in this exhibit and in greater detail in my book, The Quilter’s Book of Design, Expanded 2nd Edition. I started with a hobby that became a habit that became a passion and a career. Images and ideas embedded in my experience come forward in my hand-dyed fabric as I print and paint dye on fabric—and in my quilts as I stitch the pieces. The dyeing processes I use to create layers of texture and color often offer me unexpected design opportunities. Gradually learning not to worry about who-likes-what has freed me up to make any designs I imagine. It gives me a chance to learn from what I make. My web site shows my resulting quilts over the years as well as links to my instructional publications. Most of my work since 2011 is all about the Sierra Nevada, some of which can be seen in a short video.



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