It’s All About The Surface – Fabric Manipulation and Surface Embellishment with Christine Zoeller

It’s All About The Surface – Fabric Manipulation and Surface Embellishment with Christine Zoeller

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November 13-15, 2019


 Level: Open to all levels.  However, participants should be very comfortable using their sewing machines.

 Zig Zag Sewing Machine Used:       Yes

Description: Take your hand-dyed, printed, painted, and commercial fabrics and explore how to use them to create textures and relief on the surface of the cloth.  The class will begin with experimenting with various fabric manipulation techniques.  Fabrics will be twisted, gathered, pleated, layered, cut into, and woven.  How to incorporate the results into successful compositions will be discussed and explored with.  The second part of the class will be devoted to exploring surface embellishment with embroidery, working with fusible webbing, working with transparent fabrics, machine stitching, appliqué, and beading.  We will discover how fabric manipulation and embellishment can be combined to create a surface that is rich and begs to be touched.  Demonstrations, presentations, discussion and lots of samples will be a part of this class.  Participants will create a binder of studies for future reference and at least one completed work.  Basic sewing skills are a requirement.  The result of the class will be a greater understanding of how fabrics can be manipulated to further enhance the tactile nature of cloth and add to its already irresistible feel.

 Option:  Students can begin the class with a dye method I call the “Z” method of dying.  It has to do with the placement of the cups not my name.  Using a low emersion process, students will dye 4 to 5 yards of 100% natural cotton and create a palette of colors and values which can work together and be used to create the studies and work created in the class.  Three methods are presented:  Dark to light progression, cross color progression and using a toner color to bring a unity to a range of color chosen to work with.  Students are still encouraged to bring other fabrics from home.

 Supplies  Participants Should Bring:

  •  Fabrics (natural  and man-made) – As many different types as  possible:  Cottons, silks, linen,  rayon and  some polyester.  Please include at least  two transparent/see thru fabrics.  Small amounts  (1/2 yard  pieces and some  fat quarters) will  be fine.  They can be hand-dyed or commercial.  This is a dry class and no dying or  printing will be  done.

  •  Scissors – one for fabrics and one for paper

  • Portable  sewing machine with zigzag stitch (Check to see  if you can drop the feed dogs on  your machine.  If you cannot we  can cover  them).

  • Rotary cutter  and  self-healing board

  • Various  colors of  sewing thread to match  and contrast  your fabrics

  • A variety of  yarns, embroidery floss  and decorative threads for  embellishment.

  • Two  yards  of some  type of fusible webbing )Wonder  Under is best)

  • One yard of lightweight fusible interfacing

  • Sewing needles (Sharps, embroidery and beading)

  • Thimble (if  you use one)

  • A  variety of beads (seeds in size 11, bugle  beads and  any other decorative beads)

  • 2” three-ring  binder

  • Plastic cover sheets (about one  dozen)

  • One package of solvey

  • One yard of bridal tulle in a dark color

Supplies  I Will Have On Hand: I tend  to bring my whole studio with  me and will have extra for sale of everything on the supply list in case you can not find them.  I have  extra beads, threads, and yarns and am  always willing to  share.  A bolt of interfacing and fusible webbing will be available for sale by the yard if needed.

 Class Fee:       None, but I will have supplies available for  purchase if needed.


Name, Address  and Phone  Numbers:

 Christine L. Zoller

2208 Rolling Meadows Drive

Greenville, NC  27858            252/551-5516 – Home  252/412-1043 - Cell

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