Personal Geometry | textile collage workshop with Peg Gignoux

Personal Geometry | textile collage workshop with Peg Gignoux

from 120.00

December 16-18, 2019


Session 1 | Dyeing Silk

Session 2 | Textile Collage

Session 3 | Textile Collage

Explore color and shape. Build a contemporary textile collage! We will begin by dyeing lengths of silk organza for textile collage and silk thread for hand stitching. In this workshop, you will focus on designing with a confined palette of solid colors in cotton, linen and silk (out of your stash). Discover the tone and play of color by combining different weights and textures of cloth. Through repetition and layering of simple geometric forms (circles, squares, triangles) you will develop a graphic poem in fabrics. Workshop includes machine and hand stitching.

Supply list:

  • 3-6 yards silk organza (for dye session of the workshop)

  • Assorted solid fabrics: 1/4-1yard lengths cotton, linen |varied weights & textures

  • Assorted sewing thread

  • Scissors, pins, iron

  • Machine and hand sewing needles

  • 2 yards fusible webbing (wonder under)

  • sewing machine

(*studio supply fee for dye stuff and silk thread)

About Peg:

I love harnessing the collective energy of a group that is generated through collaborative action.

As an active teaching artist, I link communities through making art. I enjoy making alliances with a wide range of partners—in the classroom, in the community, and in health care settings.  In a variety of ways I activate my signature materials—fabric, dye, paint, thread, paper, words with folks who are often new to the arts.  They might step into my pop-up classroom as K-12 students, library patrons, university students, pediatric patients, or refugees. I love the spark of discovery. I love the relationship of text:textile. I love harnessing the collective energy of a group that is generated through cumulative and collaborative action. My work as a teaching artist is project driven. Projects can be individual (pop-up books) or communal (large wall pieces) or a hybrid of both, (Children’s picture books, art scarves, etc). Partnerships often include institutional sponsorship of a project anchored by a library, hospital, school, university, arts council, and/or museum. Projects have also included working with other teaching artists--writers, actors, graphic designers, painters--to help nourish creativity and connection in multiple disciplines. 

Read more about my teaching artist practice in Surface Design News.

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