Selective De-gumming on Raw Silk & Shibori Melt-Off Techniques

Selective De-gumming on Raw Silk & Shibori Melt-Off Techniques


Selective degumming is removing one of the two proteins from the fiber in silk organza, otherwise known as raw silk. When this process is done in combination with resist techniques, you can achieve silk fabrics with patterning of both visual and textural interest. In this workshop, you will apply a selection of shibori techniques on raw silk fabrics in the morning. After lunch, these fabrics will be processed to remove the sericin protein and then over dyed in indigo or acid dyes-  You will receive 1 organza scarf and a  3 piece of organza for practice. You may also bring your own Raw Silk Organza. for this class materials will be ordered from


Beginner and intermediate

MATERIALS: Materials fee ($25.00)

Class includes Organza Fabric Samples and (1) Organza Silk Scarf- Additional Scarves may be purchased from studio

1 sample sized piece of lame will be provided

You may bring your own Raw Silk Organza (100% silk ONLY)

Scarves or yardage are acceptable (Thai Silk has nice Silk Organza)

Lame fabric- 1 yard- please bring Lame for this technique


  • a pair of new rubber gloves

  • a seam-picker or small pair of sharp scissors

  • an old shirt or apron – and please wear old clothes

  • closed-toe shoes

  • lunch


Coffee is available from 9.45am. Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 3:30 pm with a break during the day for lunch

Workshop Cost: $140/ person

                            Limit 12 students

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