Dots & Dashes: The Language of the Handmade Stitch w Lisa Binkley

Dots & Dashes: The Language of the Handmade Stitch w Lisa Binkley

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Dots & Dashes: The Language of the Hand-Made Stitch


January 7-10, 2019

9:00- 4:00 daily

Workshop Description:

     Dots, dashes, lines, and other simple shapes have been used throughout history from ancient symbolic languages like Cuneiform through Morse code and beyond to communicate ideas and information. Hand stitching with beads and embroidery thread is a wonderful, meditative, expressive way to create textured and colored dots, dashes, lines, and shapes that can express their maker’s feelings and ideas.

     Just as each person has a distinct, recognizable style of hand writing, each artist can develop her/his own recognizable style of visual communication through hand stitching with embroidery thread and beads. The development of this textured “hand writing” or visual communication is the focus of this workshop. Design principles explored include line, mass, visual movement, overlay, shading, and positive and negative space. 

     In class students learn, experiment with, and expand on a broad range of hand-embroidery stitches, using embroidery thread and beads both together and independently. We spend the first portion of the week working entirely on a sampler. During the latter portion of the workshop students work on a small, unembellished art quilts or fiber art panel that they have brought from home and would like to take to a new level through the addition of hand embroidery with beads and thread, specifically in ways that communicate. 

     Each day contains a combination of bead embroidery and thread embroidery demonstrations, viewing examples of technique applications, group discussion, and individual sketch and stitch explorations of ways to develop one’s own visual vocabulary using the techniques introduced in class. Time is also dedicated to group discussion of works in progress and individual feedback by the teacher that is both supportive and idea-stimulating.


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