MATERIALS LIST: Swiftly Colored Silk

A workshop by Carol Soderlund One day, all levels For coloring silk swiftly and easily, whether overdyeing thrifted silk or coloring new white scarves or lightweight silk as a basis for nuno felting, nothing beats the microwave! Using simple wet-into-wet and shibori techniques, we will let the color flow on habotai, charmeuse, and organza. Carol will clear up misconceptions and confusion, and guide you with color mixing and several microwave dyeing techniques using Procion MX dyes.

Supplies you bring: Fabric:

Bring pre-hemmed silk scarves, such as those available at Dharma Trading Company, or silk yardage. China silk (habotai), charmeuse, crepe, organza and georgette are all great to work with. For this one day class, 3-5 scarves or pieces of yardage is a reasonable goal while learning different techniques.

Containers and tools for dyeing:

• a variety of microwave leftovers containers such as those made by Gladware and Ziploc. A small bowl, a small rectangular tray, and a 45- cup rectangle are suggested

• one box gallon Ziploc Freezer bags

• one or two empty wine bottles with the label soaked off

• a flat pan such as a dishpan from the dollar store

• 10 plastic cups for mixing color (16 oz.)

• 10 or more plastic picnic spoons

• 1 package dental floss or one roll household string

• 2-3 buckets—(if you are driving) any size from one to three gallons

• 2 large yogurt type containers for water at your table.

• One set measuring cups and measuring spoons for dye use

• Old clothes and/or an apron

• Rubber gloves, both the loose-fitting (one pair) and close-fitting ones (several pairs)

• Masking tape

• Scissors to cut plastic and paper, and scissors to snip fabric

• one roll paper towels

• old terry towel stained with dye (if you have one)

• Notebook and pen

• 5+ sheet protectors

Swiftly Colored Silk Supply List

SUPPLY FEE: A supply fee of $10 will cover handouts, as well as all the dyes and auxiliaries needed. A limited number of silk scarves and yardage will be available for sale in class.

Some student work