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Red: The Color of Desire

Red, with its brilliant hue and broad cultural history, has inspired artists' imaginations and seduced viewers for millennia. Artists and dyers for centuries strived to find the color source to rival the best reds of nature, and to express the spirit, symbolism and sustenance of life.

For more than a century, inexpensive synthetic dyes have been able to create any color on the color wheel, and the world has forgotten the message of power and wealth that intense color once conveyed. People from the past craved bright colors, but only the rich and royal could afford expensive dyes and the fabrics that showed them off.

Meet the bug that changed the world of color: The cochineal bug, unappealing on its own, can be transformed into a dazzling rainbow of reds, from pale pinks to deep burgundies and flaming scarlets.

Come learn the art of natural dyeing with Cochineal. Learn how the selection of different mordant processes used in conjunction with the cochineal dye results in different shades of red in the final dyed cloth.

We will also examine the use of madder and the color differences, 

In this four day, intensive workshop students will explore in depth the two major Red Dyes (Cochineal and Madder) and our favorite Blue Dye: Indigo On Day #1 we will go through the process of setting up our Indigo Vat and go through the different mordanting process on fabric for the eventual Cochineal/Madder dyeing Day #2 will focus on dyeing fabric in the different indigo and Red vats and Day #3 and #4 will be set aside for printing and other surface techniques such as Shibori, Discharge andResist Dyeing