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Discharge and Removing Color from Fabrics

Discharge Shibori and Removing Color from Fiber with Suzanne
  • September 16, 2019

  • November 12, 2019

Suzanne Connors

  1.  Discharging is the process of removing dye(by destroying or altering the dye "chromophores") with various chemicals or bleach, often in pleasing patterns or designs through Shibori or Tie Dye methods, or by stamping, stenciling or block printing.

Using silk scarves or pieces of colored fabric, students will learn various method to take dye out of fabric.  

 Safety issues will be emphasized and students need to know that they will be working with bleach, thiox and de-colorants.  It is advised that students with respiratory issues not take this course.  The shibori parts of the class can be completed indoors , but when using chemicals we will be working outside ( If raining class may be rescheduled)

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