Eco Print Supply list -  Aya Fiber DYEHOUSE


  • 5- 6 wooden dowels that are 1” in diameter and 10” long.
  • A ball of twine or heavy cotton string to wrap bundles.  This needs to be strong enough that you can’t break it when pulling tightly.
  • 2 rectangular containers to soak leaves and also hold your iron water solution.  Shoe box size from a Dollar Store work well- I have in Studio
  • 2-3 Hand towels, old studio towels work well.
  • Vinegar- I have in Studio
  • Spray bottle to hold vinegar water.  10 -12 ounce is a good size.- I have in Studio
  • 2L Soda Bottle- I have in Studio
  • microwaveable clear wrap.  The type with a zipper cutting edge is good.  But no Press N Seal please- I will have in Studio for class
  • two empty laundry soap containers.  The larger 64 ounce size or two gallon milk jugs work very well.- I will have in Studio
  • 2- 4 ceramic tiles that are 6”-8” square-  not needed for level I(2 day) workshop but will for Level II and 3 day
  • Old sheet
  • Large Plastic trash bag
  • Notebook with pencil
  • Digital camera to record your layout and compare with results.

Leaves: Will cover type in one lesson


Note:  yardage amounts are suggestions only and will allow you to test the processes presented in the workshop.  Adjust quantities based on your fabric preferences in your work and how quickly you tend to work. Old clothing from Goodwill or other consignment stores will work well- wash well and cut into sample sized squares. You can also order smaller sized scarvesto use as samples (assorted variety)


  • 1-3 yards of heavy woven silk fabrics such as charmeuse, noil, jersey, crepe de chine, broadcloth.
  • 1-3 yards silk habotai (also known as china silk), chiffon, or gauze
  • 1-3 yards of wool fabrics, such as wool jersey, challis or gauze.  Dharma has nice silk wool blend or can use old blanket, coat woolens
  • 2 yards of cotton and/or viscose (rayon) fabrics.  Knit fabric works great; students may bring white T-shirts in addition to or instead of yardage.

Fabric: Purchase from or Thai Silk

Purchase at least one yard, but I suggest you purchase more so that you can carry out more work at home.

  • Silk Habotai, 4-8 mm
  • Raw Silk (Noil)
  • Silk Habotai scarf that is no more than 16” wide. (We will print a scarf or two by using the tiles)
  • Wool Fabrics  - These can also be purchased at Dharma Trading.  The supply changes frequently, but this is a nice wool twill.  If you search online and find another source, by all means buy. Dharma also has nice wool gauze scarves that print beautifully.

  • This is a silk wool blend that is thin and light weight.  The stock for this item changes frequently.