Linen Bags

My linen bags have been very popular!  It seems like I cannot create them fast enough. In my fabric session this week I made several bag designs and this morning I received an email that more leather handles are on their way; looks like it is time to get sewing!

the bags are lovely! 

The outside of the bag is hand dyed indigo using Linen Fabric. Each bag is a one of a kind!  Even by producing the same design, the bags are always different. Different fabrics take the color differently and I never know exactly how a design will look until I unwrap the shibori. 

The interior of the bag is also hand dyed Indigo, but for the interior I use a heavy cotton duck fabric. All seams are double stitched. the bag bottom is encased in a washable pillow case made from a contrasting shibori design. There is a large pocket also made from a contrasting shibori design.

I have been experimenting with the oatmeal linen color; I think the indigo is beautiful when paired with this natural color and looks even more luxurious when accented with metallic linen. For zipper pouches; exposed nickel zippers are featured and larger bags have leather handles.

Both bags are finished with a hand-sewn Aya label inside.

Wouldn't a bag make a great gift?  why not pre-order and have one made to your specifications. The bags page shows several of my designs and I will be adding new designs this week.

Linen Bags sell for $140 and zipper pouches for $59

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