Eco-printing is a technique developed by Australian dyer India Flint, which involves bundling leaves in cloth or felt and then steaming or dyeing the bundles in a plant based dye vat.

Eco-printing or eco-dyeing is a relatively new process and is taking the fiber world to new explorations. There is no right way to go about it and everyone will have their own technique that works for them.  It is a process of experimentation and you will find it is also very addictive!  I will try to include instructors with different techniques in my class schedule.

I offer several different Eco or what I prefer to call, Contact Print Workshops at the  Aya DYEHOUSE Studio. Some I teach myself and others are given by "select" guest instructors coming from all over the world. Basics are taught using both protein and cellulose fibers and advanced techniques can also be learned.

This Year I am delighted to be hosting some of the very best!

In July: (July 24- Aug 4, 2017) Irit Dulman will be teaching a 3 day Basic Botanical-Print and then a 5+2 day  Botanical Printing and Natural Dyes Workshop: Only those enrolled in the 5 day class can elect to stay for an additional 2 days: this will be amazing!

Then in September ; join us for Medium-Print.  Olga Kazanskaya will be returning with new techniques for this fabulous technique, including the use of Natural Dyes: Olga will be here September 11th-13th for Medium Print and then staying for an additional 2 day Nuno Felting Workshop.

I do have a few other renowned artists coming in the following months and as soon as contracts are finalized you will see them here- Sign up for Mailing list to be the 1st to know!

All classes are beginner friendly, come discover Contact Printing by the beautiful Florida seaside !