Visit my new Etsy Store!

I finally broke down and spent the time to open an Etsy Store. Please visit my store at

I am excited about this new opportunity to get my work out there. It is alot of work and I have not quite ironed out all of the kinks, but I do honestly think it will be worth it once I get a bit better organized. It has only been a few weeks and I have just made my 1st Etsy sale. It was nice going to bed and waking up to a message saying something had sold

1st of all you have to list all the items- one by one. And good listings must have GREAT images, I am still working on this. After all ; "PRESENTATION is EVERYTHING!" Then there is the situation of having items on the Etsy store, on this website and also for sale in the studio. I must be sure to deactivate my listings if somebody carries an item out of the Studio door.

But I think I am getting better at writing my descriptions. I am getting better at posting my images and writing complete descriptions. This has always been difficult for me to do, but I am getting better and I keep going back and editing my listings. Sometimes a "nice" customer will send a question and jar my mind- 

Season in Florida is typically from October- Easter. The weather up north has been pretty cold so far and I can really tell the "snowbirds" are arriving. Restaurants have a bit of a wait and just last week my 20 minute trip to JoAnne Fabrics took me 45 minutes there and an hour coming back. 

The Studio is getting busier and busier and it is becoming a juggling act to get things dyed and made into products. Baby steps!  This being the artist is all new to me, as a gallery owner I did not have to create the work and market it. Baby steps!

Anyway, I just want to invite everyone to take a peek at the Etsy Store- Please feel free to send me some feedback or ask questions about items that I might not have thought of. also feel free to pick up a little something, Christmas is alot closer than we think!