Art in the Garden

We were at Art in the Garden today at the Terra Fermata Tiki Bar in Stuart, Florida.  

It was a very HOT Sunday afternoon. Not many people were out looking to buy art today. I think everyone was at the beach or the sandbar.

We were there a few weeks ago and had a great time so we decided to go back again. Last time we were there the event was from 2:00- 4:00. This week the hours were changed and now the event will only be held on the last Sunday of each month; from 2:00- 8:00 PM.  this is MUCH BETTER but, people did not start coming until the Live music started at 5:00. The music was great and the beer was cold, but since I got there at 1:30 in order to secure a good spot, I was ready to leave by 6:30. It was just too hot today to Open the gate at 2:00.

I think that this will eventually be a good art venue- once the weather cools down abit. I did see several local Stuart Artists come through to check it out- but they just passed through quickly and left. I hope the lack of people will not keep them from participating in future Art in the Garden Events.  

I also wonder what they are doing to promote the event, perhaps some postcards or posters would help to get the word out. A photographer from the Stuart news was there today taking pictures and talking to artists. Several were working while she chatted and photographed them. I think maybe next time I will take a small vat and some items to dye while people watch.

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